UBIQUITY means "Being Everywhere at Same Time; Omnipresence".


We have established a company to be an immigration representative and consultant to share any immigration related information that leads our clients to proper direction anytime and anywhere as it is shown in the symbol of our company logo, the compass. We will put all the effort it takes to lead our client successful in United States through appropriate counseling with reasonable and affordable price, especially regarding legally staying in the country. In particular, we will provide our best services to those who are preparing for the NIW immigration procedure, which is suitable for highly educated candidates. Moreover, we are confident to work especially with you even though you are encountered by significant difficulty such as denial as well as other immigration related matters including reinstatement and investment. For all the works we do, we will contribute best service on advising pertinent direction for case approval that ultimately leads to permanent residence in United States.


UBIQUITY USA is for making your American dream come true wherever you are.


Thank you.


California Immigration Consultant Bond # : 10086084

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